With MereMind Verbatims, Extract insights from client feedbacks

Use natural language sentence to configure our tool very fast

Easy configuration
A few word groups in plain english is sufficient to define your own topics.
Identify the topics in the feedbacks with high precision, MereMind understand the fine-grained details of natural language.
The choices of MereMind are justifiable and explainable. The logic of reasoning can be verified.
I found something interesting
Quality of service

    How does it work?

  • 10min
    MereMind will generate its analysis from a file containing the verbatims. MereMind can handle very easily tens of thousands of verbatims.
  • <1ms
    Simple configuration
    Either you known the nain topics you want to evaluate and you input them as simple natural language sentences, or you let MereMind discover the main categories automatically.
  • <1ms
    Categories identification
    MereMind identifies the relevant categories for each verbatim.
  • <1ms
    Score computing
    In case you do not provide a score, MereMind will compute one from each verbatim.
  • <500ms
    Quantitative analysis
    A net promoter score impact analysis is produced by MereMind. This will give you the main topics you should focus on to improve your customer satisfaction.
  • 5min
    Qualitative analysis
    MereMind provides also a qualitative feedback on the main drivers of customer satisfaction.